We have access to a network of 3000 factories in Asia and Africa and we offer a wide range of services to more than 100 existing customers in the Maghreb and Southern Africa regions. Because of our ability to leverage vertical and horizontal integration, IMS I-MEX ® has established itself as a leading inter-african trading partner and we continue to build regional success stories, always finding innovative ways to integrate North and South. We are a proud member of the IMS Group
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An international commercial division of the IMS Group specializing in franchising. Because of our focus on long-term relationships, the I-Franchise division has developed a consulting department that helps established franchisors prosper. The vast majority of our engagements with franchisors are highly customized to meet the very specific need of each client.

We provide:

  • Development of international franchise expansion plans for companies aggressively targeting international markets: North Africa, Southern Africa regions.
  • Directly representing your franchise in foreign markets in a brokerage capacity
  • Assistance with contract negotiation and the refinement of contract terms
  • Development of franchise programs and strategies
  • Assistance to non-african franchisors in the development of African entry strategies.
  • Franchise prospect qualification
  • Franchise sales management
  • Franchise operations management and quality control

Sectors of franchise:

  • B2B, business consultancy
  • Fast Food chains
  • Cafés
  • Education
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Outlets
  • Health
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Distribution and merchandising

Through our alliances with franchise consultants in Africa IMS I-FRANCHISE ® can provide franchise expertise around 12 countries. We are a proud member of the IMS Group ® For more information email: