Retail Outlet Census (ROC)

In order to ensure an efficient distribution of products and trade support in terms of merchandising and POP materials, it is imperative that Manufacturers and distribution companies maintain a database of all outlets that handle and those with the potential to handle their products in the country.

The retail outlet census gives the manufacturers and distributers an opportunity to create a wide distribution network throughout the country to ensure consistent availability of their products to the consumers
The ROC can be exclusive or syndicated (for commonly audited categories FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Tobacco industries). You will receive such data as address and type of outlets, product range, prices, sales volumes, contact persons and phone numbers, as well as any other accessible and agreed information about retail outlets.


  • 1
    You receive detailed information about current situation in retail outlets and indices of interest of your products and those of competitors
  • 2
    You get information which is fresh and necessary for you, rather than what is already sold in the market
  • 3
    Having received a real market insight, you can more effectively plan marketing actions and more efficiently use resources
  • 4
    You will receive a consolidated database in a format convenient for further analysis
  • 5
    Census can be held at any agreed geography