Customized Research

Our clients include professionals from different sectors ranging from the FMCGs, Telecom, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Real Estate industries. IMS employees will be controlling the conduct of respondents and interviewers to ensure accurate results.

IMS use focus groups as a qualitative marketing research methodology to understand how people make decisions about - and what factors influence - their use of products or services.

IMS use telephone surveys as a quantitative marketing research methodology for determining what people think and how they behave. Well-designed, high quality telephone surveys are an ideal tool for conducting awareness and image studies, customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty studies, branding and market segmentation studies, and political polls.

IMS use intercept interviews to gauge visitor satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Intercept interviews are especially helpful due to the immediacy of the customer's experience with the organization. Often called an exit interview, this marketing research data collection method benefits from the respondent's ability to recount details of their experience, which is still fresh in their mind.

The Internet is a vast source of information of varying degrees of quality and accuracy that is constantly changing. Internet information is created by many different groups-individuals, academic institutions, newspapers, activists, government departments and agencies, politicians, businesses, associations, non-profits, church groups, schools, and so on-and is used for all kinds of purposes.

In-depth interviews are a marketing research interviewing technique used in situations where expert opinions are needed, or to gather detailed information from customers or users of competing products or services. In-depth interviews are used when, because of geography, logistical issues, or the sensitive or complex nature of the topics to be explored, conducting focus groups or face-to-face interviews is either impractical or inappropriate.

From Banking to Retail to Food & Beverage, IMS Mystery Shopping programs provides the highest quality results from small to large scale projects. Our unrivaled ability to recruit mystery shoppers with matching profiles to suit the client's need, puts us among the top Mystery Shopping providers.